The professional bottle cooler
you've been waiting for.

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LECHILLERTM, the professional bottle cooler that will cast a chill.

LECHILLERTM is the instantaneous cooling solution for restaurants, hotels, tasting bars and large and medium sized food retailers. A professional bottle cooler that challenges the traditional wine cellar thanks to a unique control of the temperature, only cooling the bottles you serve.

LECHILLERTM shakes up  the management of your wine cellar, in just 6 minutes.

From an electric bottle cooler concept, LECHILLERTM has become a genuine solution to optimize the management of your professional wine cellar. With it, it means 100% of your bottles and cans at the right temperature, at any time and without altering the quality of the drinks. Its technology allows you to cool the bottle from 1 to 9 minutes.

Thanks to its three patented pockets, one of which can be adapted to magnum size, you can cool bottles on a case-by-case basis. You limit the storage of bottles in the refrigerator or in the wine cellar, thus improving the conservation of wines. Each pocket has its own independent timer. You can cool several bottles at the same time, but each one with its own appropriate temperature setting time. Equipped with sound and light alarms that complement its sleek design, it warns you when the drinks are ready to be served.

LECHILLERTM is also the only professional bottle cooler that cools drinks without wetting the labels. If you do not compromise on the quality of the drink, you do not compromise on the tasting experience either.

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3 individual pockets including 1 Magnum size
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3 individual timers from 1 to 9 minutes to reach the perfect temperature

With LECHILLERTM you make the choice of sobriety.

If LECHILLERTM is a product that shakes up the codes, it is also a product that fits in its time. Compared to a standard wine cellar, LECHILLERTM has a relatively low operating cost and consumes little energy thanks to an efficient insulation system.

An efficiency reinforced by an astonishing simplicity of use, embracing the logic of "case by case" rather than "just in case". By optimizing the energy consumption of your facility and of your professional equipment, it participates in the reduction of your costs and the optimization of your earnings.

Finally, LECHILLERTM is also a solution that offers new possibilities for the layout of your establishment. By reducing the use of refrigerators and wine cellars, you can consider adding extra tables in your restaurant or rethink the set-up of your facility if you are a wine shop. Pretty smart, isn't it?

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Low power consumption :
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Compact sizes

LECHILLERTM, the bottle cooler that loves design. 

With its modular design and minimalist image characterised by its architectural lines, LECHILLERTM stands out for its sober and elegant design.

Compact (L: 48cm x W: 46cm x H: 82.5cm), it fits perfectly into any space thanks to its 4 integrated wheels. Easy to clean and quiet, it will certainly add a touch of sophistication to any environment.

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Dry label
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Label Janus de l’Industrie 2023



  • Cast Iron painted metal
  • Anti-scratch paint
  • Aluminium handle


  • 4 non-visible wheels
  • Patented pocket system
  • Anti-icing pocket supports
  • Ergonomic collars


  • Retractable


  • 86 Kg, in use

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